Who We Are?

A Tidewater Virginia band, Pufferfishe plays improvisational rock and roll with a powerful groove that shakes your soul and makes you want to move, dance or shake something...Jeff Goodman, the Bass Guy, and Bob Cross, the Drummer, have been playing together, on and off, since 1990. Jeff was out watching a band called 11Ton. Jeff was impressed by the guitar guy, Jay Morgan. Jeff told Jay that they were meant to play music together, and they soon did, and a short stint for Jeff in 11Ton followed. Later Jeff, Bob and Jay played as a trio for the first time and we realized something special could come from this.


Casting about for compatible players, Mark Brockwell, a guitar guy and longtime musical partner of Bob, fit the bill perfectly and his guitar sound was added to the newly dubbed Pufferfishe musical family. Eric Talley, percussion and conga master, jammed with us and it was clear he should be part of the Pufferfishe experience. After he was added, the musical mayhem known as Pufferfishe is now ready to be unleashed into the wild. The improvisational rock sounds of Pufferfishe feature both original music and selected covers with our own unique twists. The live shows consist of musical exploration and a full time focus on having the best rock and roll party possible. Original material proves to be energetic and Covers range from Neil Young and the Grateful Dead to The Animals and Marvin Gay.


The dynamic sound of Pufferfishe can roar like thunder or whisper like a lover. Various genres and musical moods are explored and no two musical Pufferfishe experiences will be the same. With their signature sound and captivating light shows you are sure to be entertained. Pufferfishe is excited to broaden their audiences all around the country. Hopefully seeing you at their next show.